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(06-19-2011, 02:24 AM)
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Ok, this is odd. Speculate what you think this means, I have an idea of what you may be thinking though. Grain of salt and such.

Two fairly new entries to the registry are "Valve TestApp440 - Test 1" and "Valve TestApp440 - Test 1 (DE)" [This isn't a Deluxe Edition, it is a Low Violence version, DE means Deutsch, aka German, it has the value LowViolenceInRestrictedCountries=1"]

Now, why should you care? If you ever took the time to find the tools to look at stuff, you will find things like "[8527] ValveTestApp55399 Comp", which is normally done to try and obscure just what the game is. Lower number are Valve games. Now, at first I thought it could be Dota 2, because the Beta of Dota 2 is 490. But, I just took a quick look at 440 is. Want to know what 440 is? Team Fortress 2.

And I just now noticed there is a "No Cost" check ticked.


In other news, for what I went to check, there is only 1 real complete pack I saw added, a Paradox one. The other that somewhat look like them are just Splinter Cell Conviction and "Sword of the Stars Complete Collection Retail", which looks to be one game.