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(06-21-2011, 11:28 PM)
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DLC for this week is now available :)

Here is what all of this week's DLC entails ;)

6/14 DLC Recap Post:

6/21 DLC

Status Boost Pack 2

Strength Upgrade Ver. 2!
Contains 2 STR Up+, 2 VIT Up+, 2 AGI Up+, 2 INT Up+, 2 LUK Up+ and Max. HP Up+.
"We'll be always looking out for you, but... Well, you already know the rest..."
"Don't be lazy!"

Legendary Goods Pack

Contains 2 Divine Branch, 2 Unicorn Horn, 2 Moon Fragment, 2 Magic Crystal Chip, 1 Seed of Happiness, and 1 Bracelet of Feicui.
"...This branch isn't from it?"

Dream Oracle Pack

Contains 2 Damascus, 2 Meteoric Iron, 2 Generation Crystal, 2 Lapis Noster, 1 Shiny Fang, and 1 Whispered Dream.
"U-Um... I've collected all these things, just like my dream said..."

Rear-Echelon Support Pack 1

I put together a Railgun, Divine Guard, Crystal Bracelet, Dark Bracelet, and Bracelet of Light for you, bro!

Fallen Angel Pack

Contains Black Frame, Black Bustier, Angel Halo, and Angel Wing.
This might be the perfect package for people who were hoping to dress up as a fallen angel for Halloween this year.

Impregnable Defenses Pack 1

"Attacking isn't the only way to fight, you know?"
I've prepared and Extra Frame, a Chaos Frame, Heaven's End, and E. O. M. for you.

Chaos War Pack

Contains 1 Rage Blaster, 1 Vajra Rod, 1 Altis Rod, 1 99 Magnum, and 1 Epsilon Ring.
"I feel like these are all relic from a war on a different world..."

Point Addition Pack 2

Contains 50,000 G, 5000 EP, 150 PP and 350 TP.
This package gives you a little room to breathe.

TP Addition Pack

It contains 20,000 TP and 2500 PP.
Place your hands on your hips. Don't you suddenly feel like letting out a great satisfied laugh?

PP Addition Pack 1

5000 PP acquired!
These are status points to be shared among your party members. It's up to you whether you want to share them equally, or spoil certain characters!

Extra Dungeon 2

I can see it... With this, you will acquire the additional dungeon "Neige Snow Field," which is playable during the second generation. In order to get there, you must proceed through the game to a certain point, and view a certain event. Now you journey into the frontier begins...

Additional Costume 1

Something new to dress one of the women up in during Free Intention!
Why don't you go put it on someone now?

6/28 and 7/5 will be the remaining two weeks worth of DLC, so keep your eyes peeled :D!