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From the OPM link:

Originally Posted by OPM

"It's not as direct as a sci-fi COD, nor as expansive or open as Fallout," he writes. "Instead it's somewhere in the middle."

OPM concludes that the game does the Deus Ex series "proud" - "providing an absorbing world to investigate and a satisfying freedom to play by your own rules".

Sounds good.

Slight gripes come when discussing background characters "cycling routines", frustrating boss fights and long loading screens that "break the mood".

I'm assuming the loading times might be longest in the PS3 version? How are the load times in the preview build?

Overall, though, the PS3 Deus Ex: Human Revolution review gives the two thumbs up. The game's described as having a plot that's "basically James Bond of the future" in a world with "lush art direction".

Hurley writes: "It doesn't reach Killzone 3 levels of splendour, but it's impossible not to be wowed by the neon-drenched presence of Hangsha in China."

Will be playing this on PC, the console versions look really janky.