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Originally Posted by Boney

can't believe those guys are laughing at the fans.

Yeah, It's one thing to kind of dismiss it, but to go out of their way and dedicate a portion of their show (twice!) just put down the cause and the supporters is just super shitty of them. ffs we've lost everything. This effort has nothing to lose, and the fanbase has every right to be pissed. But I guess if we don't have CoD numbers supporting us, there's no reason for us to fight back right? Until Capcom comes out and tells us they will not pursue Legends 3 in any form (which if at this point they won't revive the 3DS game, they might as well say) we have every reason to believe we can make them reconsider. (this isn't directed at you, just a a vent, haha)

Originally Posted by Zen

Ultimately it's a fantastic decision, now there needs to be some sort of planned media outreach in another week or so.

Yeah, but now the effort has hit it's first roadblock, and it's vital that whoever is at the lead organize the top reps in this effort and relentlessly pursue coverage in the bigger media outlets. Protodude is right with his tweet: "100K4MML3 has peeked. I'm telling you guys, you gotta branch out to the big boys @kotaku @gamespot @g4 @ect or else that's it." I feel if we stay in the mode of "spread this to your friends and random fansites" session we're currently in, we're in trouble.

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Still VERY upset about that, why did it have to be Teisel's VA!?

I'm fucking convinced that the planets of the universe have aligned to conspire against Legends :/