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Originally Posted by Jinfash

That's a great attitude and a good thing to hear. But if I'm reading this right, it's going to be a PSN (Mini?) game and not part of the PS Suite program, right?

It's actually still to be decided. Originally it was going to be a boxed product, but our publisher bailed through no fault of our own. We're still half heartedly looking for a replacement but we'll be ok if it goes as under a "lesser" scheme. Doubtless less total income, but a shitload less hassle also!

Originally Posted by outunderthestars

Congrats! Looking forward to buying it at launch. Any idea as to what we should expect price wise for it?

Thanks! :) The price is still to be decided, but if it's not in a box we aim to present a pretty low price - we prefer as many people playing it as possible and try to charge accordingly.