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(08-03-2011, 12:33 AM)
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Ubisoft Montreuil (Paris) apparently started to put post-it notes on their windows:

Then their neighbours (BNP) answered:

But they took all their arms the same day:

Ubisoft's revenge a week later:

It's all over? No, now BNP is back:

And then Ubi again:

BNP had an answer yet again:

Ubi was angry:

But didn't respond for a month. So it was BNP's turn again:

And then Ubi once again:

But Mario, that's nothing new? So BNF with Paf and a rabbid!

Ubi's evil revenge:

And BNF had a small Sonic:

While others don't understand what's going on:

All in all: