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Originally Posted by zazrx

That is beautiful Rengoku! Where did you find that image? I'm trying to look up some high res images of some games but it's super hard to find anything decent.

Well, other than the High Res art thread on gaf, its really a matter of searching on google for wallpaper sites, and art sites. Sometimes it helps if you know the artist names who worked on the game, and you can usually find their stuff on their personal site/blog. Also, try deviantart, tineye, flickr and google image search.

Originally Posted by zazrx

YES! YES! thank you, thank you.

now, one last request Rengoku (for now), Dark Souls, please

this weekend I will print some of these and take some clear pictures

I'll see what I can do... Not sure I found many high quality art for Dark souls the last time I checked. If nothing good comes up, we might have to wait abit till more promo stuff comes out.

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