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Originally Posted by Net_Wrecker

God yes. I don't understand the need for all the logos, boarders, and quotes all over the boxart, not to mention the actual art usually being ridiculously bad, even when the game has great art. At least make that stuff a sleeve that can be removed after purchase. The minimalist style even makes the hideous Xbox green look good. The covers would pop so much more on the shelves as well.

Well a lot of that crap is just legal. The rest us just what suits think will sell the game. But yes I agree about the hideous art. I think it's borne out of some subconscious need to mirror action movie box arts ever since the PS1 era made it possible for games to be kinda like movies.

Problem is, movie covers are meant to accentuate actors. Game cover should accentuate situations, which I think they did very well back in the day. I still miss 16-bit era hand-painted game covers. They still mostly do that in Japan but not over here, where it's all generic CG art.

Anyway, Bayonetta.



If my electricity survives hurricane Irene I'll see about doing a few more over the weekend.