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Ill Saint
(08-28-2011, 08:33 AM)
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Just beat the game. What a wonderful experience. It's totally back-to-fundamentals old school arcade-like gameplay at its core.

The platforming can be devious and frustrating, as it was in the good old days, and I found it ultimately rewarding. Perspective was a bit of an issue on a couple of segments, though.

The combat is deceptively deep, and I really appreciate the mechanics of the 3 weapon system. The just-guard system is really worth figuring out and taking advantage of. Definitely not a game you can mash the attack button on, unless you want to end up very frustrated.

Of course, the visuals, soundtrack, presentation and imagination that went into the game design are something else. One of the few games that's more than once left me with a sense of wonder and awe at what I'm seeing and experiencing. I even love the enemy designs for their minimalism.

The premise of the story was very interesting, and I didn't have any problems following what was happening or understanding why it was happening. Fairly straightforward stuff in that regard.

Overall, it would have to be the most refreshing game I've played in a long time. It hit all the right notes with me, and I'm already getting set for another play through on hard, with the scoring system up. It's games like this that affirm why I love this hobby.