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(08-28-2011, 10:24 PM)
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Originally Posted by Mama Robotnik

These covers are amazing.

Developers and publishers, in comparison to these your cover work is shit. I wonder how much of that is down to laziness, and down to the mandatory information they have to put onto the box of each release.

I agree that a lot of covers are weaker than some posted here, but there are probably a lot of guidelines and red tape to get through with real ones. Required logos on the front, and all the system and copyright info on the back. Plus the stuff on the back is probably for promotion since lots of places don't keep games behind glass. That said, there is no excuse for not having reversible covers (unless they have inside art like PS3 and PSP games I guess).

Now for a request, I posted in the other thread but I don't think anyone replied (didn't help I was at the end of a page). Looking for a high res white Lost Odyssey logo. Not so much a whole alternate cover since I'm only looking to change the front and spine for my second case.