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Originally Posted by Awesome Animals

That is a great idea! Time to send the gf a package.

Don't forget a Pink DSiXL is dropping this month if you think she'd prefer a XL.

She wasn't crazy about the DSi because she's more into the pastel-ish pink tones over the hot pink stuff (Which thankfully the 3DS is fixing), but she appreciated it all the same. Carries it around in a Tangled-themed case.

I think she gave her mother the Pink DS Lite when I gave her the DSi--she told me she likes to play Crosswords DS and a few other titles.

She doesn't have much of an interest in the 3DS due to it's stunted library (while there's at least a half-dozen killer titles for me, none are interesting to her) Animal Crossing's release should change that. And as I edited into my post earlier...Style Savvy 2 is her most-wanted title at the moment...I need to start a letter-writing campaign to Reggie for it.