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Originally Posted by Dreweyes

Haha thanks, but I really do like yours. Not only is it way better than the official one, it speaks volumes about the game itself in a stylish yet minimalistic way! :D

So I had another idea for a Dark Souls cover art, so I had to take a quick stab at it!
What do you guys think?

Click to download if you would like to use!

Well thank you once again :D
Splendid work yourself, I've never played any of the soul games, and not sure I'll ever get the chance. Love the "You Died" on the back.

Originally Posted by RedSwirl


Looks great!

Just finished this one. Needed some more Gamecube love. I LOATHE the Gamecube on the spine on the first.

No Spine:

Yes, it does say The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker in Hylian on the spine.
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