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ii Stryker
(09-28-2011, 02:45 PM)
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Played on 360 for about 4.5 hrs last night. Its definitely a beta and a buggy one at that. After numerous messages "Failed to connect to EA servers" I'm able to get into to a game. This causes squading up to be nearly impossible. I've fallen through the map once, seen a player model stay at a 45º angle, most players that are prone are half way through the floor, the screen jitters, flickers and stutters at times, grenades cause some bushes to "stretch out" about 30'. The game hard locked on me once while in the menu attempting to join a match and froze once while switching sides.

Visuals for the beta aren't as nice as BC2 IMO, but it is just a 1.3Gb DL. I'm interested to see what the "HD Asset install" is in the final release.

Gun play feels pretty awesome with some minor hit detection issues. At this point this may be server related though.

The sound/audio is sublime. I did have one instance where the audio stopped coming out of my headphones but was playing on the TV. Cycling the power on my headphones corrected this issue. Is there a beta feedback thread on the EA forums some where?

As buggy as the beta is, BF3 is going to own me. Its hella fun!!