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(10-16-2011, 05:04 AM)
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Holy shit, the creator is having a meltdown on Twitter.

Apparently they lost two laptops with most if not all the code on it. To top it off, they've been getting non-stop abuse for months on Twitter and I think it's too much for him.!/lemmy101

Two laptops robbed from flat. Last couple of months work on it stupidly backed up on tbe other.

Police on their way. Binky and nick out at a club. Feeling sick in tears. They came in my bedroom

We're fucked basucally. How I envy those guys a few hours of blissful ignorance

I expect i'll either get a lot of disbelief or a lot of flak for no regular off site backup. I deserve both

We still have code but its basically before the last update. Tbis will probably finish us. Sorry let everyone down

Fwiw couldnt, give a shit about the laptops even tho one is less than a week old. its the code :(

For the record we will.carry on. We'll need peoples patience though and only reason I say we I worry thats a tap we've ran dry. Pz will still be developed as long as we're breathing tbo

Fuck wish I never read that reddit. Cheers captain hindsights

@DickRichardson1 fuck you not what I need now. Check the incident number photo prick.

DickRichardson1 DickRichardson
by lemmy101@
@lemmy101 You are a fucking con artist.

To all those reddit arseholes. You haven't got nothing you got the game stop saying you got nothing

And it was a fiver jesus christ! And reactionary freaking out aside we're obviously carrying on.

Well fuck em had most traumatic night of my life don't need being called a crook into the bargain

I'm also drunk which I think you can agree is justified right now

Call me a con artist if u want i'll take ur fucjing money and jump out a fucking window

Apptrackr Apptrackr
by lemmy101
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, @lemmy101 really seems like he's going to kill himself because of how careless he was with his source code.

sympathy_ebooks Sympathy 3000-21
by lemmy101
@lemmy101 hey you're a retard and your game blows. see ya. [not a lot of "sympathy" lol]

You know a few hours ago I was all of course we're gonna continue. Now i'm tbinking I can't deal with this nasty shit

Call me a scammer if u like but I wasn't strong enougb to handle nasty comments before. Def not now

Gonna go back into business programming. Fuck games. Totally not worth it.

But yeah fuck you everyone else and I mean that sincerely

Point is I cant. i've had enough. I knew we'd get this vicious backlash and I can't deal with it.

You can call me a dick but you know nothing. Nothing.