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I enjoyed the previous game, but I wouldn't have only good things to say about its story, far from it...


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Between my own knowledge and Google Translate I get the gist of it, but I'd rather not rely on my own knowledge (and I sure as hell don't want to rely on Google Translate). Anyone kind enough to summarize?

Same system as before (novel part / escape part). If you're stuck during an escape part, you can lower the difficulty. There's a mini game (/"several minigames"?) using the gyroscope.

The points ("BP") on the characters' bracelets vary during the game. When you reach 9 BP, you get a unique chance to open the (/"a"?) door numbered "9" and escape, but if you reach 0 or less, you receive an injection and die.

Rules of the Ambidex Game:

- Those whose bracelets numbers are the same color as yours are your opponents.
- Each game pits one player against two (so it would seem that means three sets of games, with three players each? not 100% sure...).
- A game ends when you choose either "cooperation" or "betrayal" on the terminal (wut).
- If both sides pick "cooperation", both sides gain 2 BP.
- If both sides pick "betrayal", the points don't change.
- If one side was betrayed, the betrayed side loses 2 BP and the betrayer side gains 3.
There's an example given: if you and your opponent(s?) both have 1 BP left, you could die if betrayed, but if you choose betrayal and the other side is trying to cooperate, you'll end up killing them.


Zero III
Bunny robot that serves as the gamemaster and oversees the progression of the Ambidex Game. An AI that gives penalties to those who go against the rules. It gets its instructions from "the true Zero", who appears to be one of the 9 players.

Blond man with a hat (the ringmaster-looking dude, I imagine?). An odd, callous and self-righteous troublemaker. And yet, it says something about him having saved a kitten on a rainy day?

Stubborn, eccentric old man. Formerly part of a team training for a manned mission on Mars, but everybody was murdered except for him. It seems there's a connection between those murders and the game.

Mysterious masked man in a body suit (... so that wasn't a robot? huh). He suffers from amnesia and doesn't know his name nor his age. Always rational.

Innocent 10-year-old boy. Calls Tenmyôji "grandpa", but they don't appear to be related. Disappears, gets infected with a virus (wut).

Woman in her early 20s. A pacifist with a gentle demeanor and a medical license. Not really what she seems to be, according to some rumors.

So, yeah. It's not her first, nor her second time getting mixed up in something like this. She became friends with Alice after meeting her in the Nevada desert around one year earlier.

Dark-skinned, exotic woman. She aims to get rid of her country's enemies, and is after the terrorist organization responsible for her father's death. Her body water is actually Ice9.

EDIT: Added some spoiler tags, as suggested. It's going to be hard to discuss a sequel without mentioning some aspects of the previous game's story though. ^_^;