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didn't do this shit the first time...

Rank Kanye's albums
CD=808's> Graduation=MBDTF > LR

Pick a coast to rep

Pick a side in the Biggie/2Pac discussion

Make a comparison between Khalifa and something soft
In the year 2012, President Obama will push a mandate through that will force all pictures in the dictionary describing anything soft in texture or material to only feature a picture of Khalifa.

Decide who you think won the Jay-Z/Nas beef.
Jay-Z, fuck a ether.

Flocka or Royce?

What you think of J. Cole?

Who is the best Wu-Tang member? (+optional: Rae vs. Ghost) other.

Can 2pac rap? (Or do Biggie got DAT FLOW?)
Pac can say shit that sounds...nice....but Biggie makes you want to do all the shit in his music.

Rate Lupe on a scale of 1-10 (+ call him a dumbass for Lasers and political views)
Fuck Lupe Fiasco, fuck Lasers and fuck anything he's ever said.

Lil B? Genius or mentally challenged?
Idiot savant

Pick an era of Eminem
Before he existed.

How does Drake write such deep lyrics?
He has his mom content check em.

Is Nas old and dusted with a horrible ear for production?

Joe Budden: Introspective and witty, or annoying emo fetus killing asshole?