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Originally Posted by Thrakier

Hey guys,

first of all, check this video.

As you can see the "scrolling" in this game is not smooth. It kinda is smooth for a second, then jumps a bit, smooth again, jumps. For now I call this phenomenon "micro stuttering".

I have this phenomenon in every game which is not "locked" to either 60 or 30FPS (40 or 50 is fine also, it seems that fluctuating is the problem). It depends on the game how noticable is. In Witcher 2 it's very noticable. In, say, Crysis 2, it's almost not noticable, only if you watch out for it.

Games I tested:

- Crysis 2
- Dirt 3 (very noticable if not locked to 60, super smooth if locked)
- NFS: Hot Pursuit (runs at 60 95% of the time but as soons as it drops to 52 or 55...I notice it as stuttering)
- Hard Reset (almost not noticable but it's there)
- Witcher 2 (VERY noticable, only thing which helps is using a frame limiter and limiting it to 30FPS)

Now all I want to know is - is this "common PC behavior"? Is it normal? Is it what happens if the Framerate isn't locked? Because it's kinda driving me crazy right now. It's super annoying in Witcher 2, it's like constant little forward jumps, it disturbs the animation as well and makes the game look quite janky. Normally I can get 30 to 60FPS in Witcher 2, depending on the scene, but it's only acceptable at locked 30.

If you look around you can find people with similar problems (seems like it):

My system:
6850 @ 850/1050
8GB Ram
Sony Z4500 @1080p

I tried tons of stuff with FSAA, VSync, Triple Buffering and so on...but I can't find a solution. Is it possible that there is no solution?