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(10-29-2011, 11:56 AM)
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The Leaked Source/Rumour


As the title says and the game being already rumoured by Fusible.Com I can confirm it now that the next Rainbow Six will be announce on Xbox World Magazine in the upcoming month (if I understood correctly from my contact). Last night I got home with the assets; logos, arts, the covers and rendered game screens from a buddy that I know in marketing. I will not going to show anything for the moment as I will let the mag do his work, but what I can tell is that the logo is 6 with the pistol that replace the bottom circle. The arts backgrounds are with the New York in fire and the renders characters are very similiar to Homefront, yet the clothes are still based with police rainbow six gears. What I understood the plot will go between a large group of revolutionary terrorists and of course the police.

And yes, the game is called Rainbow Six: Patriots.