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Honestly I'd say it matters a lot, because Drake has pursued Francis Drake treasure or whatever in two games(Uncharted 1 and 3) and it has gotten Sully close to death multiple times because of that and imagine he pursued this stuff because of a fake name. Kind of messed up honestly haha.

Exactly. Which brings up the one question that was never really answered for me: Why is Drake really doing all of this? Whats his true motvation? Is it just really a pride factor? I got the impression he is just a straight up adrenaline junkie. Marlowe even calls him out on it in Chapter 1 stating that he "gets off on all of that". With all of the added character complexities and depth, one thing Im surprised about that wasnt included in the storyline is what exactly Drake does with these riches that he plunders. Granted, we never saw him leave with anything in the first two games, but how the hell does he live? I really wanted a glimpse into what his life was like outside of stealing.

-is it just me or did Chloe and Cutter just kinda drop out of the story without warning? I was really surprised to not see them at the end.

-young Nate reaching for the beer instead of the soda was fucking great. those two scenes with Sully in the alley and in the bar were my favorite in the entire game. ND really perfected the childs mannerisms and facial expressions that carried over 100 perfectly to adult Nate.

_Nate stumbling into Elenas room after washing up on shore, what an incredible scene and the most emotional for me. When hes lying on her lap and they cut to his fingers reaching for her hand. my god it was so real.