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There are a few integral changes that have been made to the core gameplay mechanics of MvC3, some of which shake things up a great deal:
  • X-Factor can be activated in the air.
  • The attack and speed increases for each character while in X-Factor have been adjusted. Additionally, the damage reduction minimum while in X-Factor has been decreased from 50% in MvC3 to 35% in UMvC3, and Hyper Combos performed during X-Factor will now be subject to damage scaling.
  • A left/ right Team Aerial Combo exchange during an air combo will take away 1 bar of your opponent's HC Gauge.
  • When you launch the enemy in the air with a Special Attack, hold the button down and your character will automatically super jump to follow the launched opponent. (This can be turned on or off in the Options menu.)
  • The window for Aerial Exchange Counters has been adjusted, making it easier to land one.
  • If you land a Snap Back attack on an assist character, similar to the landing it on the point character, the assist will become unavailable for a short period of time.
  • It is no longer possible to block during an air dash.
  • The rate of HC Meter gain has been decreased by 10%, to 90% of what it was in MvC3.
  • In MvC3, the amount of hit stun caused by assists was fixed, but in UMvC3 hit stun caused by assists will also be subject to hit stun deterioration during combos.
  • For characters who have 8-way dashes, the speed on their down-back air dash has been slightly decreased.
For character-specific changes, a + indicates a buff, a - indicates a nerf, and +/- is a change that can be viewed either way. Additionally, a (?) beside a change denotes a change that has been observed/speculated but has not been officially documented. These also apply for the Capcom Change Log below.

Let's get into it!
+ Shield Slash specials are faster and have better recovery
+ L Shield Slash now hits OTG and it is possible to combo a hyper after it or relaunch.
+ Has a Double jump now
+ M/H versions of Charging Star now cause an untechable soft Knockdown and their horizontal knockback increased
+ Both Beta and Gamma assists received a damage increase
+ Captain America's Back Flip/Cartwheel move has start up invulnerable frames now
+ Hyper Charging Star can be mashed for more hits/damage
- Medium and Hard Charging Stars have had their damage reduced
- Shield Slash now inflicts less untechable time
- The amount of time that an opponent is knocked down after a Hyper Charging Star has been decreased
+ Quick Work: The distance/range/speed of this attack is said to have been increased.
+ All of Deadpool's normals can be cancelled into his taunt (which has a hit box)
+ Supposedly faster specials and Ninja gifts (?)
+ Guns have less recovery time/better start ups
+ Deadpool's throws now cause longer knockdown time.
+ Quick Work is now Team Hyper Cancelable.
+ Deadpool can now cancel special moves into his Teleport which include Quick Work and Trigger Happy
+ Chimichangas! can be activated from Quick Work
+ Happy Happy Trigger can be mashed for more hits/damage (both air and ground versions)
- Mad Wheel (Overhead) cannot be canceled anymore
- Bolo Loop is removed through various changes to the Bolo trap:
* H.Ninja Gift floats lower.
* H.Ninja Gift causes longer opponent incapacitation.
* Incapacitation time from H. Ninja Gift decreases with combo length.
+ His zoning specials have become better in speed and recovery including Dark Hole and Purification (?)
+ Dark Matter (f+H) can be special canceled into Mass Change (his teleports) and Dark Spells now. In fact, Dark Matter can pretty much be special canceled into any of Dormammu's special moves.
+ Increased the pushback on both of his ground Light Attacks
+ Increased distance on backdash
+ Ground dash is significantly faster (?)
+ Ground throw now causes a untechable hard knockdown. Air throws will always do a hard knockdown now
+ Dormammu can now chain his cr.M into cr.H for 3 ground chains
+ Can chain cr.L into cr.H giving Dormammu a universal hit confirm on all characters
+ Can charge Dark Spells while airborne. Can only charge one at a time and is vulnerable until he lands. He stops in the air when performing this special, in the same manner as Dark Hole.
Liberation in the air causes him to teleport to the ground and then perform the release.
* Liberation (2 red, 1 blue) is guaranteed to activate (active from 1st frame) meaning if you activate it and you get hit during the start up the spells would still appear
* Liberation (2 red, 1 blue) causes untechable knockdown
* Liberation (2 red, 1 blue) rocks come out slower
* Liberation (2 red, 1 blue) rock damage has been increased
* Liberation (2 blue, 1 red) is guaranteed to activate (active from 1st frame) even if you get hit on start up
+ Can attack out of down-back airdash. Most likely up-back too.
+ Chaotic Flame hyper can be mashed for more hits/damage
+/- Dorm puts Flame Carpet slightly further out & hitbox change(?). Flame Carpet disappears when Dorm is hit.
- Reduced hitstun on cr.M
+ Doom is generally a faster character now especially on his dashes (?)
+ J.H laser beam is faster. J.H has a better hit box/hit detection and better start up along with a bigger hit stun allowing for potential combos after hit confirming with it in an air to air situation.
+ Doom's forward throw causes a hard knockdown now
+ Air S moves faster vertically
+ Air S causes an exaggerated bounce in an anti-air situation but is not a true ground bounce (too low for it) it's more like a hard knockdown. Enough time to OTG after it into a full combo. Can be canceled into Flight and go into Doom's M&M combos, either from a Jump or Super Jump state.
+ Doctor Doom's Photon Array and Doom Time hypers do more damage/hits when mashing
+/- Photon Shots in the air have less active frames
+ Has a new charge move (The Incredible Punch) now where he charges up a straight punch (essentially charging his st.M) which has some super armor and causes wall bounce on impact. Can follow up after an OTG move/assist. Does damage on block and can be cancelled out of while charging into any of his specials including his command throw. It's possible to chain into the Incredible Punch from Light and Medium Attacks.
+ Gamma Charge's attacking priority has been improved
+ Grounded Gamma Charge now has Super Armor. The second part of grounded Gamma Charge now floats higher (the rising version).
+ Anti-Air Gamma Charge's second hit (Medium version) will now cause a wall bounce
+ Gamma Wave's charge time decreased.
+ Gamma Tornado's (Command throw) damage increased to 200K
+ Iron Mans UniBeam is faster and recovers faster, spammable while on the ground. Both as an assist and as a point character. In the air, his beams most notably his L Unibeam is pretty much the same speed as before (?)
+ Ground dash moves him at least 1/2 screen across. Before it moved him about 1/3rd distance (?)
+ Repulsor Blast/Spread activate faster. Upon hit Repulsor Spread causes a hard knockdown and it can be followed up afterward with Smart Bomb -> Proton Cannon
+ Repulsor blast/Repulsor Spread input has been changed to reflect Iron Man's current orientation (so he doesn't cross himself up and input incorrectly) and Repulsor Spreads are now activated by just adding a button like H.
+ Smart Bombs have better recovery frames, start up and do more damage on hit for both ground and air Smart Bombs
+ Iron Man can now cancel his normals into dashes in the air like Magneto allowing him to perform new flight/dash cancel combos
+ Even faster flight cancel with better start up
+ Iron Man's cr.H is now SPECIAL CANCELLABLE. Can even be canceled into flight mode. Iron Man can also now chain cr.H into launcher making his ground series much easier to execute
+ Standing H and j.S have better hit confirms into a combo because they have better priority/hit box
+ The amount of untechable time after someone has been hit by the cr.H Shoulder Missile has been increased
+ Proton Cannon hyper can be mashed for more damage/hits as well as Iron Avenger
+/- Overall damage scaling for Iron Man has been tweaked. Normal moves' damage scaling has been reduced and special moves damage scaling has been increased
- Repulsor Spread priority lowered
- Decreased untechable time for opponents after a Smart Bomb hit
- Triangle jump/air dash mechanics reworked. Seem to have different trajectories and acceleration (faster acceleration slower velocity). Possibly different types of dashes. In any case most players seem to agree that Iron Man's tri-jump game has been significantly nerfed because of this change due to the general speed of it is greatly reduced.
- Removal of double jump
+ New move Gravitation/Repulsion/Attraction that modifies your momentum anywhere on the screen (similar to the wind effect from Storm, or like Rachel's Wind Drive in Blazblue). Can pull you forward, push you back, or force you to stay more-or-less stationary.
- Air dash reduced in range, and reduced in speed. Slightly affects some ROM midscreen combos of Magneto. Triangle jumps overall appear to be slightly slower.
- J.H pushes enemies away more and combined with the dash range reduction, combos are harder to do. He still has access to his Grav loop in the corner but you get less repetitions out of them. Other fly cancel/air dash loops like the Magnetic Blast loops aren't as reliable or just may not be possible anymore.
- St.H no longer causes untechable soft knockdown
- Disrupter start up slowed down and is generally slower but still a dominant projectile. Causes less block stun now. This includes all his Disruptors including his L, M and H versions.
- Throw trap time decreased slightly (?)
- Magnetic Tempest no longer has invulnerability on start up
+ Magnetic Tempest and Gravity Squeeze can be mashed for more damage/hits
+ MODOK can cancel moves in the air with a dash
+ Killer Illumination hyper does more hits/damage when mashed
- Only one action per jump. No more multiple fireballs, no more fireball into teleport.
*You can do 2 actions per flight mode as it is now longer. You can do Air H Shot into Teleport if you went flight mode first but there is longer start up on H Shots.
- Air H Shot has longer start up and slower recovery. Air M Shot is pretty much the same. Air L Shot has faster recovery.
- Slight reduction in health (like 420K to 375K after testing... Magneto's LVL3 which is exactly 400K kills Phoenix at full health)
- TK Shots dissipate when Phoenix herself is hit
- TK Traps dissipate when Phoenix herself is hit
- Cr.M Slide shortened in range
- Glitch involving teleport after flight mode which kept the flight mode on the ground has been removed
+ Flight mode appears to activate faster (?)
+ Rocket punches recovery and overall speed of Sentinel has been increased. Sentinel's cr.M recovers faster (he pulls his boots back in faster)
+ Sentinel drones have been sped up. They are now a true block string.
+ Cr.M has 3 points of super armor (?)
+ Plasma Storm hyper can be mashed for more damage
+/- When Assist Alpha (Drones) hit from behind the opponent, the knockback is reversed as well so that they will be struck towards the point character
- Launcher now has 1 hit of super armor instead of having hyper armor
- Air combo into L Rocket Punch into HSF is less reliable because Rocket Punch causes less untechable time now
- Health rounded off to 900K
+ New Lampost swing (Savage Swing) move that causes wall bounce on impact. Has considerable start up and recovery but it can be canceled into Runner stance for follow up options
+ Emerald Cannon now makes her jump forward a bit on the dropkick AND has a few hits of armor. Easier to connect after a DHC
+ Taking out the Trash hyper can be mashed with the directional inputs for more damage
+ If you don't input any following normal command like a launcher, Chariot will have 3 hits super armor when cancelled into run cancel moves like Clothesline and Torpedo
+ Clothesline causes wall bounce if hit opponent on air allowing for new combos after OTG Torpedo
+ Cancelling into Torpedo from Chariot is faster
+ Cancelling into Clothesline from Chariot is faster
+/- Opponent flies farther away when hit by Torpedo
+/- She Hulk drops faster/is heavier in terms of weight class
- Cr.H Slide now covers less distance
- She Hulk is unable to chain numerous cr.L in order to hit confirm into a full combo.
+ Normal throw now absorbs/steals Meter (decreases the opponent's and adds it to the player's side)
+ Devitilization has faster start up
+/- Knockdown properties on jumping S have been changed. J.S. is now untechable with removed OTG property
+ Mystic Smash hyper and Chaos Dimension can be mashed for damage/hits
+ Spider-Man's Web Zips travel faster than before
+ The Web Ball, Web Swing and Spider-Sting (all of his specials essentially) can be canceled into Web Zips
+ Crawler Assault can be mashed for damage/hits
+ Crawler Assault now leaves opponent in an untechable hard knockdown state which is enough for Spider Man to follow it up with Web Zip OTG and Maximum Spider
+ Reduced animation frames in Crawler Assault hits all across the hyper
+ Spider Man's Web Zip is now able to hit OTG and you can go into Maximum Spider after it. There is possibility of more follows up now for Spider Man in an OTG situation
+ You can now follow up an air Web Swing after a ground Web Swing immediately
+ Web Throw tosses opponents high enough, slow enough and short enough so that Maximum Spider is easier to follow up after it. It is possible that you can do more stuff after it
+/- Ultimate Web Throw attack direction has been changed to the side
+ Ultimate Web Throw can cause more damage and hits if you mash the directional buttons
- Due to changes on Web Ball property after catching opponent (no more neutral teching only) it is very difficult or impossible to do the infamous UWT reset with Spider Man now (?)
- Web Throw does not cause fully unscaled damage anymore, it's subject to proper scaling now
+ New Move: DP+S = Fair Wind, pushes opponent away
New Move: RDP+S = Foul Wind, pulls opponent towards her
Storm's Winds have better distance coverage than Magneto's (she pushes/pulls more than him) but overall slower. These moves also affect opponents when they are downed
+ Appears to do better damage overall (?)
+ Appears to have faster air dashes (?)
+ Hailstorm covers more space on the screen making it harder for opponents to jump over it. (?)
+ All of Storm's hypers can be mashed for more damage/hits
- Cannot call assists while floating from super jump. She can still call assists while floating if done after a normal jump
+ In the air charge S Stone Dunk move has a bigger hit box (as well as some of his other command normal moves)
+ Meteor Smash is doable from the air now
+ LVL3 Death Penalty now homes in on the target upon activation
+ Stone Smite now has at least one hit of armor when the move (non-charging version) goes off (?)
+ Inferno can be mashed for more hits/damage
+ Armor on Orbital Grudge activates faster/quicker than before
+/- Orbital Grudge floats opponents higher
- Orbital Grudge assist does not cause soft knockdown anymore (?)
+ New Move: Sting Master can be linked after Shield Charge
+ Taskmaster can now cancel out of his Web Swing move with special and hyper moves
+/- Shield Charge has its distance increased on knockback and the float from the hit of the Charge has been reduced
- Taskmaster has difficulty doing long combos involving self relaunches after OTG arrows because the arrow lift doesn't lift up as much anymore as well as general hit stun changes
- Generally speaking, Taskmaster does less damage overall in combos due to normal damage scaling and finishers involving his Legion arrow hypers. Damage from his Legion arrow hyper when hit raw still does about the same damage but when added at the end of a lengthy combo does less damage
- Jumping Hard Attack's now floats the opponent higher on hit
- Damage on Aim Master shots have been lowered
+/- Floatyness/Height on Aim Master H and jump Air Master Shot H has been decreased
+ All of Taskmaster's Legion arrow hypers can be mashed for more damage/hits
+ Range on air Mighty Hurricane command throw increased. Range on all Mighty Hurricane (ground versions) are increased as well. Karas into the command throws are easier apparently. Active throw frames of Mighty Hurricane have been increased for all strengths.
+ Thor's Mighty Spark projectiles have faster start ups. Not only that but the hit box underneath Mjolnir is bigger and hits smaller characters no and have better recoveryw. Active hit box on the spark on L Mighty Spark is longer making jump ins risky for opponents. Mighty Spark's untechable state on the opponent has been increased.
+ Grounded A Mighty Strike has less recovery/more hit stun, giving you enough time to follow up after it with a combo. Generally speaking Thor's Might Strike attacks have better start up/recovery and it takes him less time to charge them up to max.
+ Cr.L, J.L and St.L have larger hit boxes
+ Standing M knockback has been shortened
+ All of Thor's Might Smash moves have improved priority/hit box and the H version of Mighty Smash takes less time to charge up to maximum
+ Generally speaking Thor does more damage from both his specials and normal attacks due to changes to his minimum damage scaling (has been upped from before)
+ Mighty Punish command hyper has been improved. It is now invincible from the first frame, the active frames of the hyper have been increased and the range has been improved as well. Now also gives Thor more time to move around after it lands.
+ Mighty Tornado hyper can be mashed for more hits/damage
+ Thor's air dashes appear to be faster (?)
- Berserker Slash is slower on start up, lost invincibility frames
- The Dive Kick has a much smaller hit box, some launchers/anti-air moves beat it out cleanly now
- J.L has has it's hit box reduced which means that instant overheads with j.L may be more difficult or not possible anymore
+/- Berserker Charge command input priority changed to the lowest among Hyper Combos
+/- Some sort of button-mashy Machine Gun Claw move. He can combo after it with a launcher
+ All of Wolverine's hypers are mashable for more damage/hits
+ OTG slash seems to have a slightly larger window, making OTG + assists easier (?)
+ X-23 Weapon X Prime hyper has faster start up enough so that X-23 can do solo OTG into Weapon X Prime. Rage Trigger hyper also appears to have better start up (?)
+ X-23 can now cancel out of her air special attacks into her Talon Attacks
+/- Crescent Scythe's floating height on hit has been increased
+ Rage Trigger's horizontal knockback has been increased.
+ Rage Trigger hyper can be mashed for more damage/hits
- Crescent Scythe's untechable time on hit has been decreased.