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(11-08-2011, 10:41 PM)
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A: Genso Suikoden II's NA localization was a mess. A lot of grammatical and syntactical errors:

B: Even some of the text was not translated.

C: What's more, there were several audio glitches in the North American translation. Ever wonder why some of the full-scale war battles didn't even have any music at all? They were supposed to!

1) One of the themes involved was this: War. It was the very first war theme, and you probably would have heard it when you were battling outside of Muse or Viktor's fort.

2) Another theme wasn't on the OST and I can't find it on YouTube, but there was a theme that played when you ever engaged in full-scale war battle with Luca Blight himself.

3) There was also a third audio glitch, when Annalee was supposed to sing to you, but in the NA version, you got quite a few minutes of silence. She was supposed to sing Orizzonte to you.

4) The final duel battle at the VERY end of the game before the credits was not supposed to be silent. It was supposed to have this theme attached to it.

5) Finally, La passione commouve la storia got the axe in the NA version. The PAL version has it.

These imperfections are probably part of the case. Suikoden I+II didn't come out in NA likely for similar reasons why Tales of Eternia or BoF3 PSP didn't come out here. If Genso Suikoden II PAL is released on EU PSN, I'll buy it. It doesn't have the audio glitches.

Still baffling it's not out still, though. I've already retired my disc because I imported the PSP version, but I'd like an English version to hold onto on my PSP. BUT... I'd appreciate a retranslation very much.