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Originally Posted by Hylian7

More importantly, how do you access the console in this game? The ~ key does not work and I can't find an "enable developer console" option anywhere.

right click Dota 2 on your Steam library, click Properties, and click Set Launch Options. There must be a space after each option. In the space, put -console. That will enable the console next time you launch dota2

Some of other useful tips in launch options

-windowed -w # -h # (windowed mode, -w for width and -h for height)
-noborder (sets the windowed mode to borderless)

-threads 4 (i dont know how many threads dota2 uses and if you have 4 cores, use this option)

In console: (from joindota)

net_graph 1 Displays network information such as fps and ping.
dota_camera_accelerate 49 This will make the camera stop exactly where you want it, 0 will make you unable to move your camera. Thanks uw_NB and Pyros.
dota_force_right_click_attack 1 This will enable right click deny.
dota_minimap_hero_size 600 changes the hero marker size in minimap
dota_hud_health_bars 3 0 = disable hp bars, 1 = no dividing blocks in the healthbar, 3 = the default with the blocks
dota_health_per_vertical_marker 250 changes the block size in health bars, 250 = new block every 250 hp