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Ask me about the GAF Notebook
(11-14-2011, 05:56 PM)
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Originally Posted by Aesthet1c

Well I'm just saying these are my early impressions. I'm sure I could be wrong on alot of my accounts. But it just seemed that way to me. I was playing Windrunner and I would OOM after firing off two or three of her arrows. And nobody was really using their abilities either, just focusing on last hitting and denying. The only way I really harassed was attacking the melee champs that went in for their last hits. Maybe we were all playing really passive, but from a LoL players perspective there is alot more ability spamming and harrassing in the early game than what I have seen in Dota so far.

I'm not in yet, but some of my LoL crew got in this weekend. I was asking one of them about it last night, and he seemed to echo your sentiments. He never said the game was hard per say, but that things did play out differently. He said games seemed to go at a slower pace, towers seemed to do a lot less damage, and there seemed to be a bigger focus on last hits and denying with creeps verses players going at it in the early game at least.