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(12-05-2011, 02:37 PM)
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Alright spoilers and stuff. but I think I may have just ruined the game for myself. :(

I just got the elder scroll, thought, oh I'll go and learn Dragon Rend, that probably won't be too near the final battle, then I'll go and do some other stuff.

I'm at about level 16.

All of a sudden a wild Alduin appears. Now I'm supposed to fight him. It's ludicrously difficult. Clearly I'm not at that level yet.

But I don't want to leave and play other side quests, because that feels too pointless and grindy now.

Bleh. Nerd world problems. I was really enjoying it up to now. Wasn't going crazy on side quests, but I wasn't ignoring them either. Feels like I'm being punished for following the narrative of the game instead of ignoring it.

Am I being crazy for going towards the Alduin battle at the thoat of the world at level 16? Have I blasted through the main quest too quickly?