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Originally Posted by Andrex

It's possible. Only reason the WiiWare version (you know, the one it was first announced for) didn't happen is size constraints. Some demos on the eShop right now are more than 330 megabytes. They could make it work.

Edmund has said no to the idea of it:

Do you ever plan on putting Super Meat Boy on the 3DS?
someone asked 3 weeks ago

edmund mcmillen EdmundM

Do you plan to ever release Binding of Isaac on the 3DS (I know, very small chance, but seeing as the 3D works pretty well from above, I think it would be pretty damn cool... + BoI is just a super awesome game)?
MonkehNL asked 2 weeks ago

edmund mcmillen EdmundM
A publisher i know is currently asking nintendo if they woudl be ok with isaac on the 3ds, if they say yes then ill had the game off to them and let them port it.