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(01-01-2012, 04:39 PM)
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Off topic for here but I know some of you avoid gaming side like a plague. Interview with Hao Chen of Bungie.

I love this part of it.

What for you have been the challenges on the graphics side, going multiplatform?

HC: We re-architected our graphics engine, and the primary reason is the need to go multiplatform and get ready for the next gen. The first challenge to abstract out the platform differences and still be efficient for each platform.

The other challenge is to have a good architecture for multi-threaded, multi-core designs that allow us to distribute work across different hardware threads, and have as many things execute in parallel as possible. We found out that even for Xbox 360, we were grossly under-utilizing the CPU, mostly due to our multi-threading design that doesn't allow us to spread the work and execute them in parallel. So we redid the whole architecture in the new engine.

An even bigger challenge is to future proof the engine so when the next generation of consoles is here, we are already pretty good at squeezing the performance out of it. For example, we want the ability to have a particle system to run on the GPU for the 360, SPU on the PS3, and compute shaders on the future hardware, and this requires good design up front.