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(01-03-2012, 10:24 PM)
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Originally Posted by Chuckpebble

I just went on Tri this morning to make sure that the Skyward Sword control scheme wasn't mussing me up in this game. I'm happy to report that it's like riding a bike, and I'll be on more in the coming days.

You play with Wiimote/chuk? I can't decide which scheme I like more since I'm equally terrible with all of them. :P I do have a black CC pro I bought with this game in mind though...

Originally Posted by ShadowgeistX

It's alright, I'm fairly average myself I think...although I've had sub-par, actually downright terrible partners who didn't understand basic superpound/triple-pound theory despite me explaining it over and over again, lol. As long as you've got a weapon you're comfortable with, it should be fairly smooth sailing when you jump into the full game.

Super wha triple wha?