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(01-08-2012, 11:03 AM)
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Didn't have time to polish as much as I wanted but fuck it, let's go! Warning: This is the longest post in the history of man. It is also overly dramatic and classy.

(courtesy of rogerdanish)

And the winner is....

Justice at the Do Something Awards! Everything is on display here. You know a dress was a success when it even makes Justice look like she has something going on upstairs.

Beating out several noble efforts by Gomez, Ariana's form-fitting appearance at Twilight: Eclipse premiere showed off everything we love about the red-headed angel.

And the winner is...

Ariana performing at Macy's Herald Square in New York! When you take the most adorable girl in the world, put in her a skirt and have her twirl around repeatedly, it's going to make people very happy.

One of the many busty, sparkly entries by Gomez, this appearance lost out to Ariana by 1 vote. Sorry Gogo (this is a pet name for Gomez I made up just now), better luck next year. Onesies and cleavage aren't enough to topple the unfathomable cuteness of Ariana around these parts.

And the winner is...

Shocking, I know. You're all a bunch of pervs.

Justice took her jeans and tight t-shirt act on the road to NYC and scraped up enough votes to be the runner-up. What's with those shoes though?

And the winner is...

No contest here, Ariana's earthquake theory ran away with it. Well... at least she's hot.

I know why this tweet got the second most votes and I do not approve. Get your mind out of the gutter Creepy-GAF.

And the winner is...

I tried but I couldn't find anything wrong with this picture. Even her teeth are sexy, which I didn't know was possible.

In a category where the votes were surprisingly even across the board, only Ariana's seductive snap and this twitpic of Justice being gorgeous poked their head above the pack. Who looks that good when they're in a bathrobe and on the computer? Christ.

And the winner for creepiest awards banner is...

Eeking out a victory over the runner-up, Dan somehow getting the three hottest girls in his stable to prance around and shake their asses in slutty Santa outfits will go down as the greatest Christmas gift of all time. That's right, Dan Schneider one-upped Jesus and Creepy-GAF knows it.

The "Everyone Can See My Pus-" Incident - When you constantly take video of unsuspecting teens, something is going to slip out eventually. Capturing Creepy-GAF's sweetheart talking about the visibility of her swimsuit area and posting it online is classic. Taking it down and editing it is not. Thankfully Mechanical Snowman has the reflexes of a mongoose.

And the winner is...

Dawww.... those demples, those eyes, that nasal strip. Too precious.

Once again, Gogo loses out to Ariana by 1 vote. Next time make sure the puppies paw isn't strategically placed on top of your chest and maybe you'll win Gomez.

And the winner is...

One of the biggest blow-outs of all the awards with 61% of the vote, A Christmas Tori earns the top spot as the best episode released this calender year. It should be no surprise considering the sheer fucking absurdity on display. Robot Santa rape, that tender moment between Justice and Daniella's asses, every scene with Gillies and her assets, Justice giving Gillies a pat-down and finally a three minute song and dance where the three main girls on the show literally try to seduce a teacher. If this is any indication of what Season 3 is going to be like, we're in for one crazy fucking ride.

"Prom Wrecker" put up a respectable showing, considering the juggernaut it was up against. And why shouldn't it? Tori pulled a shrimp out of her bra, a fat guy ran around in a diaper and they capped off the show by debuting "Best Friend's Brother" in a rain-soaked performance.

And the winner is...

"Freak the Freak Out"

The shows most successful song with over 600,000 copies sold also seems to be GAF's favorite. It's catchy techno pop done moderately well, it doesn't overstay its welcome or aspire to be anything more than it is. As far as these types of things go, it's pretty good.

"You're The Reason (Acoustic Version)"

If there was a Most Improved category, Justice's voice would be a contender and her recent arrangement of You're The Reason is proof of that. Over the past year she's gone from being barely serviceable to actually kind of good, to the point that Nick and her label are putting her in big, live venues. This acoustic version of You're The Reason is a direct result of this improvement, taking one of the lesser bubblegum pop songs from the soundtrack and turning it into something decent. Could more acoustic covers be on the way?

And the winner is...

Ariana's cover of Rolling in the Deep

With nearly 25 million hits on youtube, it's probably not a stretch to say that this video helped Ariana land her recording contract. Our little redhead belted out the years biggest hit unaided by computers or instruments and proved to everyone what we already knew, that that girl can sing.

Victoria and Leon cover Baby It's Cold Outside

A cute duet of one of the holiday classics that isn't overplayed to death. It's sweet, warm and performed with a lot of heart and a wink or two.

And the winner is...


Posting teenage hotties is one thing. Posting pale, emaciated children is another as Vox found out earlier in 2011. No one wants to see 14 year-old skeletons Vox, no matter how many movies they star in. That shit is weird.


Fuck you guys.

And the winner is...


Awwww, I didn't mean it. You guys are nice.

Mechanical Snowman.

The brain behind our saving grace, the tumblr. His contributions to keep Creepy-GAF alive after the old thread got locked are immense, as we probably still wouldn't be around without a place to vent. Creepy-GAF salutes you.

And the winner is...


Hopefully I won't be eligible next year. With the way things are around here these days though...


You came back to us just in time bro. Let's stay safe in the new year guys.

And the winner is...

Ariana has some gams on her, that's for sure. Running away with the vote for Best Thighs is the redheaded goddess, shown here wearing a skirt that's several miles too short for anything that should be on Nick. Thanks again Dan.

If Daniella has anything, it's a nice set of legs. The "ugly duckling" of the Victorious crew has got it where it counts and should probably get more attention than she does. She can certainly wear those shorts any time she wants.

And the winner is...

Short, skin-tight and no frills. And look at the goddess wearing it. Good. God.

We've got a tie between these two:

Another skin-tight Justice outfit and Gillies' outrageous Christmas get-up. I'm sensing a theme here in what Creepy-GAF likes.

And the winner is...

Is it any surprise? That body is half the reason she's a legend in the first place and in the right dress, she is untouchable.

Barely edging out Ariana, Gillies' incredible curves claim second place. This girl needs to get out more, she doesn't get photographed nearly as much as Justice or Ariana but she's got it going on in every single department.

And the winner is...

No surprise that Gillies ran away with this one. The others make nice showings, but she's a woman among girls (*ahem*) in this category.

Not too surprising considering the frequency with which she pulls them out. Keep it up girl, you may not be Gillies-tier but don't let that stop you.

And the winner is...

Recently confirmed as the 8th Wonder of the World by a multinational team of scientists and scholars, Justice's posterior walks away with this one. Not that the other nominees were lacking, but come on, it really is that great.

Not even that picture with Dan could lift Gillies above the wave of Ariana love in this one. Ariana is cute, and in more than one area.

And the winner is...

This shot from Ariana's bikini shoot won by a fair margin and understandably so. When the queen of cute veers into sexy territory, crazy things happen. Physics ceases to function as we understand it and time and space contort and dance in a mind-bending display of cosmic incest. Or maybe your pants just get really tight. One or the other.

Justice only went emo for two pictures but that was good enough to land her as the runner-up in this category. All that skin-tight leather probably didn't hurt either.

And the winner is...

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Creepy-GAF

Emerging in late 2010, Creepy-GAF soared to new heights in 2011 before being tragically struck down mere hours before one of the most epic sets of Justice pics ever was released. But Creepy-GAF could not be kept down and rose from the ashes and is now stronger than ever. A new thread on pace to surpass the old one in posts in half the time, a thriving tumblr and an ever growing membership cap off a wild year.

The “Everyone Can See My Pus-” Incident

In a way, Creepy-GAF’s first exclusive. Dan posts a video of Ariana saying mildly risque, takes it down but not before Mechanical Snowman snatches that shit up and saves it. How fitting that Creepy-GAF was involved in one of the few instances of the cast mentioning something sexual.

And the winner is...

Well, just check the tumblr.

Justice. Bikini. Yeah.

Again, on the tumblr. We had a tie between yet another Justice bikini shot and Gomez's amazing fragrance photoshoot. Creepy-GAF likes things that are wet, apparently.

And the winner is...

Easily one of the hottest moments in the shows run, a synchronized ass thrust by all three of the show's leading hotties was just too much for the rest of the field to handle. Only a gif this beautiful could unite three warring factions and cause them to say, as one, "Yes, this is GIF of the Year".

Despite stiff competition from every angle for the second place spot, Ariana writhing in joy as she is sprayed with water is the runner-up. Don't stare too long guys, it's not healthy. I'm kidding. It's extremely healthy.

So. Was Justice dethroned? Has a new Queen arisen to take her place and lead Creepy-GAF into the new year atop a flaming chariot of heavenly gold? Has the Age of Justice passed? Has the redheaded usurper claimed the crown from her fallen head in the field of battle? Has Gomez returned from the shadows, leading an army too dark and devilish for even the blinding light of Victoria to vanquish? Or perhaps there is another...

And with room to breathe. 2011? Yeah, Justice own that.

2012? Well, that's a different story. Gomez has entered her slutty/rocker girl phase and is bringing the heat stronger than ever. Without a doubt one of the biggest stories of 2011 was the meteoric rise of Ariana, whose album (and possibly a tour) will see her coming straight for the throne. And Gillies? Her hottie rating skyrocketed to insane heights over the course of a year. Seriously, she went from this (hot but nothing to get excited about) to this (lights fucking out) over the course of a year. 2011 was a crazy year but make no mistake, this shit ain't even started. Albums, tours, feature films, season 3, it's all about to explode. Take a seat, because it's game on.

Mkay, well, here's a little bit of drama. The runner-up? Tied.

A couple other categories are tied but this one is sort of important. I was thinking about maybe holding a run-off, but I don't know. Arianators probably want Gomez the fuck out of there but it could blow up in their face, Gomez has a lot of lurker support. If only we could get them to fight in real life to determine a winner...