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great to see ND think they can do more with the story telling in videogames and it seems to me this new project is a real attempt to go deeper in that direction. Dont worry though, we all know that ND isn't going for a Heavy Rain Esque game here, the trailer alone shows this by drawing attention to its combat.

During my interview Bruce Starley offered an interesting example about what they are going after in terms of storytelling. He made a reference to the U2 chapters set in Tibet, noting how your early interaction with the villagers and the gameplay sections with Tanzin in the ica cave created a subconscious attachment to both so that when you get back to the village and experience what happens then (not spoiling for those who haven't played U2 yet) you as a player feel more emotionally involved with the action.

With The Last Of Us they are basically trying to extend that design philosophy to encompass the whole game from the beginning to the end.

Also interesting is how they are approaching music. They (Bruce and Neil) said music isn't there to simply double up what you are already doing, to enphasize the emotions u are already getting. What can the music add that's not already there? Just because there is a scary moment doesn't mean the music need to be scary. Same with emotional moments/emotional music. More interesting to them is having the music add depth to the whole situation, make you think of another part of the story or of another charater that might not even be there.