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Have you heard the good news about Medabots?!
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Originally Posted by duckroll

All existing titles cancelled in 2011, web store closed, staff migrated to a new studio started up by ex-Irem frontrunners, they've been reorganizing all the content on Home and PSN, and they recently sold off the rights to Spelunker to another publisher. I consider them pretty much dead.

Well, who knows they could make Pachislot games forever...

Originally Posted by Zombie James

Lots of great talent there. There should be a list of studios opened since 2006, just so we don't feel so depressed :(

That would be really difficult to do thanks to indie developers.

Originally Posted by duckroll

You might get something like that from Granzella in 2013 or 2014. Not IREM though. :P

Kazuma is currently making a PS3/Vita title at Granzella, and he has expressed interest in continuing the sort of game themes he made at IREM (disaster games, sandbox games, etc). He has also been supporting the Home lounge with content, just like he did when he was at IREM.

Their first Home content is Edo.