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(01-22-2012, 05:45 PM)
Marcus Lehto started a blog:

During this time, I kept in contact with my friends at Bungie to discuss some possible opportunities that didn’t exist prior to my leaving. It was sad to leave behind a company that I helped create, but I was ready to make a change and start something new. Well, my discussions continued to develop with Bungie and soon we had a plan together that made a ton of sense. Why slave over the difficulties of building a studio from scratch when I could start something new, working on a brand new IP right within Bungie itself?

So, it is with great care that I will be venturing back to Bungie on Monday. I will be teaming up with my longtime colleague, Joe Tung, to start the construction of a brand new team and project.
We will be a lean and mean organization for a while until our first game pitch is ready, and then grow from there.

Another new (smaller) IP? Something for Aerospace perhaps? This is awesome news.

I'm really glad to see Marcus back at Bungie.