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(01-24-2012, 04:22 PM)
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So Grev published an interview with Iuchi and Fujita, two of the programmers for the upcoming Kokuga for 3DS.

Some interesting points:
  • Both Iuchi and Fujita were programmers for Ikaruga, Iuchi being the lead at Treasure and Fujita helping out from Grev's end during the game's development.
  • Kokuga was originally conceived as a Nintendo DS game, and is Iuchi's first project as a Grev employee. He was an assistant on Strania.
    This is exciting because it means Iuchi probably has more work in the pipeline.
  • Both praise the multiplayer of Kokuga as "really fun when played with a few friends". No doubt PR, but makes me curious.

I'm definitely interested in seeing how Kokuga plays, and want to recruit some of my friends with J 3DSs to check it out. If it's fun enough I might consider picking up a 3DS.

I also watched the Grev broadcast the other day that was streamed from Tokyo. Some interesting tid-bits:
  • Maruyama was very frank that Grev games always sell about 10,000 + a thousand or two in terms of sell-in.
  • Strania sold about the same amount, but at a lower price point, so they ate a loss with the project.
  • Right now they're concentrating on releasing more soundtracks and the Senko no Ronde novel (which I'll be picking up).

Man, I feel like I should make a Grev thread. I wouldn't even care if I was the only one to update it lol.