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Right. That was Stevie's addition.

Originally Posted by Donnie

I'm surprised nobody's posted these target specs anywhere. I mean bits and pieces of it have been, like the CPU cache/number of cores and GPU embedded memory. But surely Nintendo gave an indication on other things like the number of SPU's, ROPs ect?

From what I know, nope. That's how in the dark devs seemed to be at the time and some of their comments after E3 indicated as much. Vigil is one that stuck out to me. If I summarized the target specs, they would like this.

3-core 2-way SMT PowerPC CPU w/3MB L2 cache
up to 1.5GB of memory (type not given I believe)
32MB eDRAM (capable of 720p w/ 4xMSAA or 1080p in a single pass)
part codenames

So any improvements over targets I would assume dealt with one of the first three lines as those seem to be the only tangible numbers they could make that kind of comparison with.