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(02-12-2012, 06:42 AM)
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Originally Posted by OpinionatedCyborg

guy with no jumpshot who can only drive to his right is suddenly a great player?

lin is not bad. he is a better defender than most give him credit for. he's more athletic than many give him credit for. he makes good decisions on the court. he is a good rebounder for his position. he's a solid player. let's see how he adjusts once teams figure out how to play him (go under on screens, force him to his left, make him take jumpshots, etc.) and once he cools off a bit.

maybe I am wrong, but I don't see Lin as anything but a marginal starter/good bench PG at the moment. I'll need to see him play more before I truly make up my mind. maybe he is smart enough to overcome his serious deficiencies?

at least he gives the knicks some hope. lol @ amare fraudemie and crymello anthony ushering in the New York Knicks' latest era of overpaid for one-dimensional players. it's marbury-francis-crawford all over again, except at the forward positions. enjoy another 20 years of irrelevance.

Shut up Morey.