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(02-13-2012, 03:09 PM)
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1. MGS1
2. MGS2
3. MGS3
4. MGS4

Yup, my love for the games have dwindled slowly since the first game, but I still love them. I just think they get progressively just a little bit worse, with MGS3 to MGS4 being the biggest downgrade. That said, I love them all at the time of play, although the only game that I don't have any major niggles with is MGS1. MGS2 had too many cutscenes and the best part of the game was the first two hours (on the tanker). MGS3 had an annoying first-aid and camoflage system (too much menu-juggling). MGS4 felt disjointed due to the constant globetrotting and again had too many cutscenes (particularly the ending... wtf Kojima?). It also felt more like it was desperate to close the series and spent too much energy tying up lose threads, instead of just telling a good story. It should've just focused on closing the Solid Snake storyline, instead it seemed like the entire series was going to end, with no detail left explained.