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Did a search, didn't see anything, but lock if old. Ultimately, I agree with pretty much everything in the article although I'd go a little easier on LTTP and OoT. Thoughts?

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That is what Iím claiming: that modern Zeldas are broken at their core. By modern I mean the console Zeldas Ocarina forward (though Link to the Past is not innocent), and by core I mean their central structure and mechanics. Iím not going to harp on peripheral issues, though there are many that deserve mention. Iím not concerned with graphics, even if Wind Wakerís still-amazing style nearly saves it or Skyward Swordís compromise between the painterly and the realistic is just that Ė a compromise, where nobody wins. I donít think a modern game requires voice acting, although slow, repetitive dialogue boxes remain serious irritants.


Modern Zeldas do not offer worlds. They offer elaborate contraptions reskinned with a nature theme, a giant nest of interconnected locks. A lock is not only something opened with a silver key. A grapple point is a lock; a hookshot is the key. A cracked rock wall is a lock; a bomb is the key. That wondrous array of items you collect is little more than a building managerís jangly keyring.
Almost everything in Zelda has a discrete purpose, a tedious teleology. When it all snaps into place, some call this good design. I call it brittle, overdetermined, pale. Itís the work of a singleminded god, a world bled of wonder.