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Freeza Under The Shower
(02-17-2012, 11:49 PM)

Originally Posted by fernoca

Well, in reality was something like: lists Black Ops 2 and emails people about it changes it to Call of Duty 9
-Other site(s) reported about it (and the change)
-Gameblog reported about it, but didn't linked to the other sites
-Activision (France?) asked the other sites to remove said info, and they did
-Activision (France?) asked Gameblog to remove said info and they didn't
-Gameblog is blacklisted from all Activision (France?) events


Far from a professional response on Activision's end.

A reporter actually reporting stuf? "BWAAAAAA, how couuullld yoouu?". This should be reported on like Jim Redner's tweet on Duke Nukem Forever was. He got burned for it, why shouldn't Activision be burned for it?