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(02-19-2012, 01:03 PM)
Nice impressions Coercionist.

My impressions are that I've never played WoW (yep), and I'm coming off a Euro-RPG kick (Risen, Arcania, Divinity II) so I'm in love. Luckily, my GF is also in love with it so we're kind of having a threesome with the TV right now.


- Spice up the quests with more range in the dialogue. The approach of quest-givers is one-note, so every quest feels like another quest. Yes it streamlines things, but give some action or more variety to the introductions of the quest-givers. The writing has some range so back it up in approach...

- To the questing point; everything feels so orderly in dialogue and presentation... Like it's trying not to mess up. There's obvious skill behind it all, but sometimes the game feels a bit distant on a 'humanity' level. Again, more range in the dialogue and perhaps some greater reach of depravity would enliven things. Even when death and destruction presents itself; things feel fantastic in a way that can't be traced aesthetically.