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(02-19-2012, 10:10 PM)
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I just ran into the most random enemy. Gave me a good laugh. Just adding the link to it below instead of displaying the image in the thread, as you can only access this dungeon after you beat the final boss.

Unexpected Enemy

Oh, and this hammer is godlike. With the amount of stuns going on I'm hitting for 2k+ regular damage. The might tree is pretty ridiculous, but fun.

Also, harpoon is pretty much the anti-mage. Works wonders for those annoying mages that try and teleport around. Just reel 'em in and smack them a couple times with the hammer.

I've tried out all 3 classes now with full points in each. Definitely a lot of fun and variation to go around. The combat still remains one of my favorite of any single player RPG, so great job there.

Edit: This review nails exactly how I feel about the game perfectly. Also, probably one of the most amusing reviews I've seen in a long time lol.