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Originally Posted by guek

Mainly it's the whole "360/PS3 ports will have to be nerfed" thing that stinks. If he had said the system was more or less a repackaged 360, it would be considerably easier to swallow. The fact of the matter is that plenty of devs have stated no concessions will need to be made to port to the Wii U. Arkam claims very matter-of-fact-ly that these statements are lies.

I'm not saying anyone is lying. Maybe their software takes advantage of what the wiiu brings to the table. Our games do not. The only thing that I will say is untrue are the rumors of it being 5x the Xbox 360. It's much closer to 1x if anything. I think a lot of you guys on here oversanalyze things. Just because it isn't as powerful doesn't mean the games look bad... More that they won't look much better than what is currently out on 360/ps3. Ok I'll let you get back to flaming me for being nice and sharing some info.