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NOA has also announced a presentation by Reggie Fils Aime for Feb. 22nd. [Now viewable]

23:01 - Reggie hints at a title we never thought would come. Rain time?

23:02 - Bill Trinen talks up Dillon's Rolling Western, available now. Twenty hours of gameplay.

23:03 - Interview with associate localization producer Jon Yeckley on Kid Icarus: Uprising, due 3/23.

23:06 - Interview with localization producer Erik Peterson on Mario Tennis Open.

23:09 - Xenoblade Chronicles will be out on April 6th.

23:10 - The Last Story announced from publisher XSeed, to be released this year!

23:11 - Other 3DS games highlighted: RE Revelations, Mario & Sonic, Tekken 3D, and MGS3D out now, and Spirit Camera on Friday, April 13th. That's it!

NCL has announced a presentation by Satoru Iwata tomorrow, Feb. 22nd, covering Wii and 3DS news. [Over]

20:00 - The event has begun! Iwata is shown in the basement sound studio, pacing back and forth and practicing.

20:01 - First of all, some bad news. The Wii no Ma service will be ending on April 30th. Starting on March 3rd, a goodbye "Arigatou no Ma" service will be offered.

20:02 - Kid Icarus: Uprising video, presented by Masahiro Sakurai. Battle mode. 3 on 3 co-op/vs. mode. Narration is over the video, not apparently part of the game.

20:07 - KI video ends, Sakurai explains the strongest "Genesis" attack. Gather 3 parts to enable it. Heavenly weapons come in many varieties and have various characters, each with a given value. A higher value doesn't necessarily mean a weapon is better.

20:09 - Air and ground-based fighting, along with boss battles make up the stages. As you adjust the "seriousness level" upward with the heart cauldron at before a stage, the difficulty increases. When you die, you lose hearts and won't be able to set the seriousness level so high.

20:11 - You can also set the seriousness level lower if you want an easier gameplay experience. By circling in the air, you can evade enemy attacks. You slow down when shooting, but there are other attack options.

20:12 - When really up against a wall, use a special attack. Arrange your abilities as if they were Tetris-like pieces on a grid in the menus.

20:14 - StreetPass is supported. Exchange weapons you've made with others. Destroy weapons you've received for hearts.

20:15 - Six AR cards are included. Battles unfold randomly. A special stand is also included.

20:16 - Kid Icarus is to be released in Japan on March 22nd.

20:17 - Iwata is back. Iwata Asks on KI, as well as Twitter account @3DS_Palutena will be provided.

20:17 - New trailer. Fire Emblem: Awakening, April 19th in Japan. Cel-shaded.

20:20 - DLC available in Purikura and Theatrhythm. New maps and episodes via DLC for Fire Emblem. Fire Emblem's DLC will be free from 4/19 to 5/31. Nintendo Point Cards in FE-style will be sold.

20:21 - Pokemon vs. Nobunaga's Ambition DS video, 3/17 in Japan.

20:23 - May and later games... Mario Tennis Open 5/24. Button or touch-screen controls offered, as well as gyro. Local 4P, download play, wi-fi vs., StreetPass.

20:25 - Fatal Frame: Crimson Butterfly Remake for Wii video, 6/28.

20:27 - Culdcept 3DS video. Gameplay balance has been a focus in this production. Local and wi-fi play. For beginners, advice dialogs will be presented. 6/28.

20:28 - Carcho-bit 3DS video. "Carcho" is from a soccer term in Italian. (Little help?) Soccer team management game. National rankings will be presented. Local tournaments will be held to factor into determining rankings. Customize your team. Available in Japan this July.

20:31 - Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Fly and kick in the air, do special moves with simple controls. Combos can be done. Play with pet characters. See 9 minutes' worth of gameplay videos. Available March 29th.

20:33 - Rune Factory 4 video, out in July.

20:36 - Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D. It's a remake of the original DQM game from 14 years ago. Local and wi-fi vs., StreetPass.

20:37 - Downloadable 3DS games. Denpa Ningen RPG. Capture characters with antennas with a net in AR and take them on a dungeon quest. They each have unique characteristics. A demo is up for download, and the game is already available.

20:38 - The Rolling Western. Rock boys are invading town to eat the "manjuu" steamed buns, which look like sheep. Defend them with gatling guns, your rolling attack, etc. Available in Japan 2/22.

20:41 - GB, GBC, Famicom games already available, Game Gear coming soon. Game Center CX will show gameplay of 3DS VC titles.

20:42 - Capcom, Sega, Bandai Namco collaboration 3DS game by Banpresto. What kind of game will it be?!

20:43 - Atlus video. Etrian Odyssey IV 3DS.

20:45 - Finally, a Dr. Kawashima game. Not a sequel, but a new step forward. Concentration and working memory training. It's called Demon Training. Dr. Kawashima becomes a demon. Release date TBA.

20:51 - Monster Hunter 3G will get three DLC challenge quests. Hatsune Miku demo, KH3D, DQM movies on the eShop.

20:52 - Today's presentation was advertised on SpotPass Diary.

20:53 - That's it!

20:54 - Gameplay videos, starting with KH3D and Game Center CX.

NOE will also be streaming the presentation with English subtitles. [Now viewable]

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