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Originally Posted by thefro

It was still pretty innovative beyond being the first big FPS on a console.

Limb-specific damage, the AI, stealth, etc.

Limb specific damage was done before GoldenEye. even in an FPS. i mean, you could try to argue that Team Fortress is some obscure mod, but good luck with that. MDK had head shots too, though you might argue that was a TPS despite having first person aiming.

i'm not saying Rare copied anyone else, just saying that, the idea was already out there, even if it hadn't become standard in the FPS.

stealth, i know it was explored in other games first, but i'm not sure about hiding from cameras and the like in first person. that may well be GoldenEye's innovation.

AI you may well be right. whether innovative or not, it was certainly very good for the time.