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Please, don't ask ME about Michael Jordan!
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Originally Posted by msdstc

Makes plenty of sense, no impact on the joint, but builds the mucsles around it. I'll be willing to do a ton of both of these pieces of equipment for at least a few months before i get back on it 100%.

Again would yoga help with a situation like this?

edit- bionic hows your knee doing now?

I never got the same level of explosion I had before the injury but I am still pain free and I am not limited in what I can do.

That said only I can tell there is any difference and some of that might be in my head. I dunked a basketball before and after the injury. Those days are gone now though, not because of the knee though, but because of inactivity and I don't play bball anymore.

I guess not everyone will agree with me, but honestly for my ACL riding the bike was the best exercise I did to stabilize the muscles around the joint so I didn't need to rely on the brace.