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(02-24-2012, 12:36 AM)
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Originally Posted by Joe Shlabotnik

It wasn't a promotional contest for customers. It was the other way around and completely illegal. It was a sales contest at Hooters for the waitresses--the whole point was for management to sucker them into boosting their sales for what they thought was a new car but was actually a "toy Yoda".

I doubt it--it would probably take a very skilled attorney, in fact, to successfully argue that the sales contest was not intentionally misleading if not outright fraudulent. If they never explicitly stated that the prize was an action figure and did not disabuse the staff of the notion that it was not a car, they would be fucked. Which seems to be the case.

Well i assume they had on paper that they would win a Toyota, because if it was a verbal "you win a Toy Yoda" than this chick would have no case.