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Originally Posted by Crazymoogle

Without seeing the exact text it's hard to say, but it sounds more or less like a "hey, you're in another country, updating your billing info will make future purchases a lot easier!" sort of thing. Unless there is something threatening the viability of your account going forward, I get the impression its not really worth following up.

That was my assumption. I was hoping to get a lot of "oh yeah, Amazon send those emails out all the time, no worries" comments.

Here's the email:


I see that you attempted to purchase "Ghosts Aliens [Kindle Edition]" while in a different country than the United States listed on your Amazon account. Certain Kindle titles are not available everywhere. We are reaching out to you to ensure the best possible service for your account.

If you have moved to a different country, you can easily update your country for your Amazon account at

If this is not the case, and you would like to share information that you live in the United States, we can be reached by fax at 001-206-266-1838 from outside the US, or 206-266-1838 from within the US. Helpful information includes:
– Passport
– Military ID
– Permanent Resident Card
– Driver’s License
– Other state photo identity card

We want to assure you that we handle this information in a secure manner: these are dedicated fax lines, staffed in an area with limited employee access. The fax is never printed, just converted to an electronic image that is used to check the country, then the image is deleted.

Best regards,

Account Specialist
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Needless to say I did not click on any of the links.

Reading Amazon's help page, they claim they "Never ask you to reply with personal information. We collect personal information only through the website." This is in reference to credit card numbers, social security numbers, account passwords, etc; but this email sure is asking for a lot of personal info to be sent through channels other than the website.