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January Post - Score: -3

Current Score: -4

Games I beat this month (but were rented and don't count):

Rayman Origins (waiting on Steam release to buy)
Resident Evil: Revelations
Resistance 3

Bought in February 2012 (-5):

Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection (steam)
Alan Wake CE (steam)
Jak & Daxter Collection (retail copy)
The Sly Collection: Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (psn)
Double Fine Happy Action Theater

Finished in February 2012 (4):

Sequence - This was a joy to play. I went on a crusade to obtain all items and see the secret ending, feeling like I might be getting overpowered by all the experience I got in the process, but the final couple of songs still gave a good challenge.

Darksiders - Had to play through the game from scratch on Easy as I got pretty far last year on Medium then quit for a while, and I just couldn't get back into it. Went with Easy because I didn't want that happening again. Anyway, this game is great. Cannot wait for the sequel.

Super Mario 3D Land - I could have called this "finished" last year when I got the first ending and unlocked the special levels, but I took a long break when I realized that so many of the special levels were requiring me to hunt down a lot of gold coins. This month I finally obtained the required 290 coins to open the last castle and continue to get another ending.

Psychonauts - This was my first time to ever touch this game, but somehow I feel like I can say it holds up even today. Maybe it's just the humor and imagination behind the environments, characters, story, and creative gameplay sections, but I didn't feel like I was playing a last-gen platformer. Very unique and entertaining.

Currently Playing:

Syndicate - Rental, may pick up on Origin someday. I hope someday all Online Passes follow the newly released Killzone 3 Multiplayer model, allowing you to play for free for a short time.

Dead Island - Got this on a Steam sale last year and ignored it until recently. Turns out it's a lot of fun, but it's also throwing small annoying technical issues at me left and right. Dotted paths on the map occasionally disappear, controller issue with the Quest interface, quitting the game after a checkpoint occasionally forces me to retrieve a main quest from the quest giver again, one quest seemed to complete itself at a completely inappropriate point, and a couple others I can't remember. They're brief annoyances though, after I bash a few zombie heads I forget all about them.