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Originally Posted by agrajag

95% of gaf is heterosexual male gaf.

Never said otherwise ... just want diferent opinions since it is KNOWN that both women and gay people have their sexuality more fluidy than a male living in our male centered world.

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Still, I don't really get what's insulting about the fact that trans girls aren't 100% like real girls.
People can be different without being better or worse.

The fact that it is scientificaly proven that trans girls ARE real girls.

This is off course if you ignore all the struggle of the movement, it basicaly sums up to "identify me as a the gender i am", wich means that sentences like "i respect you as a women, even if deep down to me you are just another guy" means as much as "i respect you as a black, even if deep down to me you are just another monkey" (replace black/monkey with any minority/slur you can think of)

Only Political correctness is NOT the goal to any segregated movement.

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drunk thread <---- that way


Here are some examples:

This one is a favorite just because it is the latest scientific discovery :
DMRT1 and FOXL2, 2 genes that fight some kind of tug-of-war inside you that if has the balance changed, can turn YOUR testes into ovaries and vice versa (wich would start producing the according hormone as if nothing happened)

this one is a classic biology example:
Klinefelter's syndrome, a condition where the person born geneticaly with 2 X chromossomes is a male in every sense of the word.

and this one was already used as an example:
Androgen insensitivity syndrome a condition where a person born geneticaly with a XY sexual chromosome is a women in every sense of the word

These 3 examples prove that your genes means NOTHING about what gender and even sex on a "born with genital" way you are.