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I Spit Hot Fyre
(03-03-2012, 05:23 PM)

Originally Posted by Kuroyume

Oh yay, new Forza and Fable titles... ZzZzZzZz... They've become way too predictable. I'm aware B-K didn't perform too well but I can't see why it shouldn't get another shot or why they aren't doing anything with PD.

PD will never go anywhere with MS putting more backing behind Gears than Halo. It'd essentially have to compete against two other shooters that the studio publishes. Even after how well PDXBLA did, they never released any DLC for it like they were talking about.

In all honesty, PD would have worked better as Nintendo's FPS flagship than MS's. Gears and Halo will probably be trading off years at this point. No room :(