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Couple of news bits.

Autodesk Gameware Licensed for Wii U

Autodesk has today announced that they have entered into a landmark license agreement allowing Nintendo Co., Ltd. to provide Autodesk Gameware technology to its licensed developers creating videogames for the upcoming Wii U platform. The middleware agreement is designed to help differentiate Nintendo’s new hardware from the competition.

Under terms of the agreement, Autodesk, Inc. has granted Nintendo the right to provide licensed Wii U game developers with three Gameware products: Scaleform middleware for user interface development, Kynapse middleware for artificial intelligence and HumanIK middleware for interactive character animation. Electronic Theatre ImageThe Autodesk Gameware product line is comprised of production-proven game development solutions that have been used in at least 1,000 games to date. This technology helps developers enhance production value while reducing development time, enabling them to focus efforts on creating compelling gameplay that resonates with consumers.

“Autodesk Gameware technology is used by the industry’s elite development teams and has been adopted across the industry. Through our relationships with key companies like Nintendo, we can put our solutions into the hands of more game developers,” said Marc Petit, Autodesk senior vice president, Autodesk. “Adopting Autodesk Gameware helps streamline the production process, freeing more resources for innovation in new areas. This shift in development focus will help make the next-generation of titles more compelling than the last.”

The Wii U videogame system is currently expected to hit store shelves later this year. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the Wii U, and it’s development process.

Havok™ Enters into Agreement with Nintendo to Offer Havok Physics and Havok Animation Technologies to Wii U™ Developers Worldwide

Havok™, a premier provider of interactive software solutions for the games and entertainment industry, announced today that it has entered into a worldwide license agreement with Nintendo Co., Ltd., to make Havok Physics and Havok Animation available to studios around the world developing on Nintendo’s Wii U™ platform. The agreement will give the development community access to the Havok technology to create high-fidelity, immersive games.

“We are very excited to be at the forefront of the new platform,” said David Coghlan, Managing Director of Havok. “We are honored to be providing Havok technology to Wii U developers in order to create great games in all genres. Gamers around the world expect high-fidelity realism and want to immerse themselves into new gaming experiences. This license agreement will give game developers everywhere easy access to Havok’s industry-leading technology. We are sure this license agreement will result in the creation of great interactive experiences for consumers on the Wii U platform!”

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