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Hey guys. I'm the Kotaku reporter who wrote about this rumor. I've read through both this thread and the one and I can't seem to find any sort of proof that these game listings were photoshopped. Can somebody point me to the 4chan thread or wherever else you guys saw conclusive proof that the listings were fake? Or somebody claiming to have made the listings?

Just so you know, my standard operating procedure is to make it very clear when something is an unconfirmed rumor (as I did in the post) and to contact all related companies for comment (as I did this morning). Since the listings look legitimate, the timing seems to match with Sony's big Vita announcement plans on Friday, and none of the games seem particularly farfetched, I had no problem running this rumor as is.

If it's incorrect, I'm happy to update the post and admit my mistake. But right now all I see is a bunch of GAFfers assuming it's incorrect because it looks like it's maybe kinda fake? If somebody has more evidence than that, please let me know!

I notice that your source is Eurogamer. I'd suggest checking their comment thread:

Eurogamer was alerted to this by reader el_pollo_diablo, who sent us the image displayed in this story.

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To be fair, it was spudsbuckley who spotted this and posted it on the forum, I just sent it to EG as news.

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Lol, i post a picture from a user on some other forum (Something Awful) and EG post it as news when someone on here emails them the image.


What other rumours do people want me to start?

And finally, a comment from someone who claims to work for, which can't be proven immediately but is consistent with the absence of anyone claiming to have actually seen the listings for the three non-MHP3 titles on

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Errrrrr, I work for, I've just checked our system and the only one of these that we have on our systems is Monster Hunter 3. The others are mock-ups some scamp has made using the Monster Hunter listing as a template.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news... someone is having a bit of fun at everyone's expense!